Board of Directors


Fumiyasu Akegawa (Japan) 

In March 2013, I established Devnet Tokyo, now Devnet Japan, as this East Asian country’s sole branch of Devnet International, which enjoys since 1995 a Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
Before launching Devnet Tokyo, I was engaged as an entrepreneur in manufacturing, processing, sales and distribution with focus on agriculture, fisheries, livestock and forest industries.Based in my hometown in the Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan, I had expanded my business and built a huge distribution network worth more than 55 billion yen (approximately $52 million)annual turnover at the peak time.
As an entrepreneur, I have been working closely with local, domestic and foreign governments.Receiving the support from many stakeholders, I have built a wide network of contacts in various fields. Now they have become an important asset to me – in fact in recent years, I have been possessed by a strong wish to take advantage of those contacts on a huge scale and contribute my share to supporting the
United Nations in achieving its sustainable development goals.

International Honorary Advisor-Europe

Roberto Savio (Italy) 

Roberto Savio is a journalist,communication expert, political commentator, activist for social and climate justice and advocate of global governance.

He has spent most of his career with Inter Press Service (IPS), the news agency which he founded in 1964 along with Argentine journalist Pablo Piacentini. He also cofounded Devnet International in 1989 as a tool for technological information exchange to promote sustainable development within small and medium size enterprises of developing countries.
Roberto Savio is currently engaged in a campaign for the governance of globalisation and social and climate justice, which takes him as a speaker to numerous conferences worldwide, and about which he produces a continuous stream of articles and essays.



Former International Honorary Advisor-Americas

Arsenio Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) 

For 30 years held senior advisory and managerial positions at both national and international levels. His work has focused on (a) leading multidisciplinary teams in the analysis of sustainable development and natural resource management issues, and the formulation and implementation of corresponding policies and programmes, and (b) the establishment of private-public sector partnerships. From 2000 to present he has provided advisory services to the World Bank, the United Nations, the Central American Commission on Environment and Development, and the DEVNET Association. He co-founded, developed and coordinated as Secretary General during 5 years a broad alliance for human understanding, the Alliance for a New Humanity, with a group of world leaders from all sectors of society including Deepak Chopra, Oscar Arias, Betty Williams, Ricky Martin, Baltazar Garzon, Kerry Kennedy, Roberto Savio, Ashok Khosla and other personalities. His expertise lies in networking governments, private sector and non-governmental organisations and forging alliances for collaborative work addressing common development concerns.


International Honorary Advisor

Makoto Taniguchi (Japan)

Makoto Taniguchi is a Japanese diplomat and academic, a former Ambassador of Japan to the United Nations and a former Chairman of UNICEF in 1988.

He received a B.A. and an M.A. from Hitotsubashi University, and then earned a B.A. at St John's College, Cambridge in 1959. He joined the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1959, and served in international organizations including the United Nations, GATT and the OECD. He was Ambassador of Japan to the United Nations from 1986 to 1989. In this capacity, he was also Vice Chairman (1987–1988) and Chairman (1988) of the UNICEF Executive Board at the international level. He was Deputy Secretary-General of OECD from 1990 to 1996. After retiring from the diplomatic service he became professor in the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at Waseda University


International Advisor

YOO Jong-Hae (Korea)

Graduated from Seoul National University, Seoul Graduate School, University of
Michigan, USA (Doctor of Law)
Former Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration,
Former President of Policy Advisory Committee
Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University,
Vice Chairman of Seoul National University Alumni Association
Korea American Association Board Member of Korea Administration Association
Chairperson, Doctor of Political Science
Winner of president prize by both President of Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung



Kazuo Takahashi (Japan)

International Christian University ; BA and MA / Columbia University ; PhD ( Political Science)
OECD ; (Development Cooperation Department and Secretary General`s Office)
Sasakawa Peace Foundation ; Director
International Development Research Institute of FASID ; Director
International Christian University ; Professor
Tokyo University, United Nations University, Graduate Institute of Policy Studies ; Visiting Professor
Japan Association of United Nations Studies ; Director
Library of Alexandria ; Trustee and Advisor / Earth Charter, Japan ; Director
Liberal Arts 21 ; President
The Committee for Promoting Global Governance, Japan`s Diet ; Co-Chair of Environment Issues


Kiyoshi Shimizu (Japan)

Graduated from Chuo University,
Former Lecturer of Chuo University, Faculty of Law
Chairperson of Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFB) Congress,
Director of Kanto Bar Association,
Civil Defense Instructor of Supreme Court Judicial Research Institute
Member of Judicial Trainee Examination
Awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette (Kyokujitsu shojyusho)
Lawyer, president of Mizuki Partners General Law Firm



Hideaki Domichi (Japan)

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of law,
Joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Graduated from University of Cambridge (Economics)
Ambassador to Islamic Republic of Iran, Ambassador to India/ Kingdom of Bhutan,
Ambassador in charge of Economic Diplomacy
Former Senior Vice President of Japan International Cooperation Agency



Thanawan Bhookphan (Thailand)

Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Arizona,
Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering,
Worked at NASA Technical Support Department at Motorola and participated in the Apollo 14 & 15 plan,
Chairman of the Thai Kingdom led project and Artificial Rainfall Project Secretariat Committee Adviser of Communication System,
Royal affiliation development project, promotion committee, committee member and adviser,
Research committee member of National Development Administrative Committee,
President of Thanawan Bhookphan Relief Fund for humanitarian disaster relief,
Representative Director, Engineering Co.
He has been appointed as Director and Chapter President on February 1, 2021.
And he is in the process of establishing DEVNET THAILAND.



Shusui Taki (Japan)

Traditional Japanese Woodblock Print Artist (Edo's technique drawing, engraving,sliding)
Masterpiece: "The Tale of Genji" etc.
A member of International Committee, NPO Corporation IMCF International Art Organization,
Guest member of BESETO art promotion association (Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo) perpetual collection at British Museum (UK), Kyapudai city Art Museum an others, Full-time member of National Marc Chagall Art Museum Friendship Association Award of the 2000th Festival of the Vatican National Museum Many awards in UK, France, China, Korea, Italy, USA, Belgium, Australia, etc


Takua Kubouchii (Japan)

Graduated from Tokyo University, Faculty of Law
After appointment to the judge, he served as the following until retirement in 2004
Accountant manager and general affairs manager of Supreme Court Accounting Bureau
Tokyo district court judge civil department general
Instructor ・ judicial examiner ・ judge apprentice committee member of the Legal Training and Research Institute.
President of the Research and Training Institute for Court Clerks.
General Judge of Civil Society, Tokyo High Court ;Chairman
President and advisor of the Japan Notarial Association.
Japan representative of the founders of the Asian Affairs Commission of UINL.
Awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star (Fall in 2012)


Masaharu Hino (Japan)

Graduated from Tokyo University, Faculty of Law
Graduated from Tohoku University, Faculty of Law
First Director-General of the Financial Services Agency
First Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice
Chairman of the Special Appointment Committee for Prosecutors and Notaries, Ministry of Justice
Former Professor of Surugadai University
Awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure (2013)


Kimie Akegawa (Japan)

・ Ceramic artist ( Hagi ware potter)

・ Jisaikai (1958-2018) ; charity art exibition held in Ginza/Tokyo annually.
She exhibited 50 times in it.
・ Presided over the pottery workshop "Himawari(sunflower)" in Yamaguchi Prefecture