Roberto Savio founded the international DEVNET Association with its headquarters in Rome, Italy.
The Inter-Regional Project UNDP-TIPS was launched in three countries in Asia, two in Africa and three in Latin America.
TIPS started operations in China. The TIPS office was established at the Institute of Information, Science and Technology in China (ISTIC).
DEVNET was recognized by the United Nations Fund for Science and Technology for Development, as per Project Document INT/83-TO1.
The Group of Rio requested assistance from the European Commission to extend the TIPS network to entire Latin America during the first institutional meeting held in April of 1991 among the Ministers of Foreign Relations of the European Union and the countries of the Group of Rio.
Seven countries in Latin America, two in Asia, two in Africa and two in Eastern Europe joined the DEVNET network.
The Regional Center for Asia and Africa was established in Manila, the Philippines.
The Regional Center for Latin America was established in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The AL-Invest Program of the European Commission was established. The TIPS Project was designated as counterpart agency of the European Commission.
An agreement was signed between DEVNET and the Directorate General-Enterprises, Policy, Distributive Traders and Cooperation (BRE)-DGXXIII of the European Commission in order to strengthen and collaborate with the small and medium enterprises in searching for commercial partners.
The DEVNET network completed its expansion throughout the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) granted the international DEVNET Association Consultative Status (Category 1), by virtue of Resolution 1296 (XLVI), adopted during its substantive session in June 1995.
DEVNET entered into consortium with DANAGRO and signed a contract with the European Commission for the Project “EU-China Technical and Commercial Cooperation within the Dairy and Food Processing Sector” for a period of four years.
DEVNET signed an agreement with the Government of Austria for the expansion of the network to Namibia, Uganda and South Africa.
DEVNET signed an agreement with the Government of The Netherlands for the expansion of the network to Albania, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
DEVNET signed a contract with the European Commission for the expansion of the TIPS network to Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (Asian least developed countries).
DEVNET organized the first Partenariat EU-MERCOSUR in South America. Five hundred fifty enterprises from MERCOSUR and two hundred twenty companies from the European Union participated in the event. Five thousand business contacts were realized and one thousand two hundred commercial agreements were signed, amounting to a total of US$ 250 million.
The DEVNET global network reached 40 countries of Latin America and Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Central as well as Eastern Europe.
DEVNET launched the Pilot Phase of the Inter-regional Project WINNER (Women into the New Network for Entrepreneurial Reinforcement) in 3 countries in Asia, 2 in Eastern Europe, 1 in Africa and 1 in Latin America.
More than 100,000 enterprises have been directly linked to the interregional network of DEVNET and more than 200,000 enterprises through agreements with entrepreneurial organizations.
DEVNET initiated the regional Project EC-UNDP AL-PYMES “An Application of Information Society to Small and Medium Enterprises of Latin America” in 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. This Project benefited more than 2,000 small and medium enterprises.
DEVNET counts 600 cooperation agreements with public and private organizations as well as national, regional and international institutions around the world.
DEVNET subscribed to the collaboration agreement with Mondipresa in Rome, for the purpose of internationalization of business of small and medium enterprises.



DEVNET signed an agreement for cooperation with the Institute for Industrial Promotion in Rome.
The Regional Project WINNER-LATAM was launched in ten (10) countries in Latin America, benefitting more than 5,000 women’s micro and small enterprises.
DEVNET signed a contract with the UN-INSTRAW (United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women) for the management of the project “Gender, Peace, and Security in Somalia: Implementation of Resolution 1325”.
The Organizing Committee of the World Expo Shanghai approved the participation of DEVNET along with 4 major international organizations (United Nations, World Meteorological Organization and International Red Cross).









The Inter-Regional Network WINNER benefitted approximately 17,000 women entrepreneurs from micro and small enterprises owned/managed by women.
The construction of the DEVNET Pavilion, measuring 3, 600 square meters in the Shanghai World Expo site, was started. This global event took place  from May to October 2010, with the participation of 200 countries and international organizations, with 70 million visitors.

 Stand-alone Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. On 8th September 2010 the “DEVNET DAY” was celebrated at the Shanghai World EXPO 2010 at the presence of distinguished personalities.






















DEVNET signed an Initiation Plan with UNDP Nicaragua for "Technical Cooperation to promote new markets for sustainable agro-industry".  The main purpose of this initiative included the identification of local SMEs and cooperatives with a potential for exports and the establishment of public-private parternships between China and Nicaragua in order to promote technology transfer and capacity development in the Nicaraguan industrial sector.


DEVNET signed with the UNDP Nicaragua Bureau a Projec Document titled" Promoting foreign investment and agro-industry exports to new markets"


DEVNET signed on 11th February 2015 a Partnership Agreement with the KIP International School for the implementation of joint activities at the KIP Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015 as well as for a long-term programme of activities to be implemented in cooperation with KIP. 

By virtue of the above-mentioned Agreement with the KIP International School DEVNET actively participated in Milan EXPO 2015 and DEVNET Japan exhibited for the whole month of August 2015 at the KIP Pavilion.


DEVNET INTERNATIONAL headquarters moved from Rome to Tokyo.
Mr.Fumiyasu Akegawa became the chairman and CEO. At the signing ceremony and inauguration ceremony held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on December 16th, 2019, Dr. Roberto Savio, the founder, and Dr. Arsenio Rodriguez, the former chairman, gave speeches, and 530 people including embassies, politics, industry, and experts from each country, attended and celebrated the start of the new DEVNET.