Joining civil society organizations at the recent preparatory meeting of international participants in Expo Milano 2015, DEVNET International along with Inter Press Service received recognition for capacity to echo the voices and choices of women in micro, small and medium enterprises and opinions of marginalized sectors in African communities, respectively.

The Philippines -To celebrate women’s participation in sustainable agriculture and rural development, the Philippine Commission on Women recently honored Filipino rural women for their outstanding contribution to ensuring food security and economic stability of rural communities.

Bangladesh - Among the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are invisible barriers such as paucity of information, lack of access to business networks and opportunities to build their capabilities to cater to overseas markets. To take a concrete step towards overcoming these difficulties, efforts have been made to step up training, enlarge business networks and strengthen the value chain.

August 2012 Nepal - A half-day interaction program on Fair Trade- Finding the Balance was held at FNCCI on 20th August, 2012 for the benefit of SMEs. Mr. Chitra B.

Bangladesh - Beyond the confines of their businesses, some women in Bangladesh have pursued the opportunity to extend their reach and scope of influence on their communities, with the view to contributing to social transformation.  

The Philippines - In a highly competitive marketplace, product brand identity creates an edge over other products. In many cases, the identity results from an innovative process that brings out the commercial appeal of the product to buyers. Concept, eco-friendly material, craftsmanship, price and production consistency combine to make the product a cut above the rest.     

Bangladesh - Regional cooperation through business exchange and sharing of economic benefits has surged in some parts of the world, particularly in South Asia. This has deepened the spirit of cooperation and interdependence among players in filling consumer needs where supply is short from one country but substantial from a neighboring country.

The Philippines - Despite difficulties brought about by the uncertainties in the global economy, women in micro/small/medium enterprises have proven themselves to be resilient in riding economic turbulence.  Networking has worked very well in their favor as their business being small allows them to quickly react to changing conditions of business. 

Kathmandu, Nepal - To manage risks and enhance quality business decision-making Nepalese women who are engaged in micro, small and medium enterprises recently participated in a series of training programs designed to prepare them for greater challenges in the field of business.

June 2012, The Philippines-Ghana - A woman-led company from the Philippines recently entered into a joint venture with Ghanaian companies and private sector of the Netherlands, for setting up a shipyard for building tuna fishing boats made of fiberglass.