Italy, February 2015 - On 11th February 2015, Dr. Luciano CARRINO, President of the KIP International School, and Dr. Arsenio RODRIGUEZ, Chairman and CEO of DEVNET International, signed a Partnership Agreement for the KIP Pavilion project at Milan EXPO 2015. Title of the KIP Pavilion is "Attractive Territories for a Sustainable World".

The Philippines, January 2015 - Busy with cross-stitch work, a group of mothers in their early twenties to late thirties engage in hush-hush talk about problems of family life and how they are coping with it. In the background, cries of babies being given nutrition care by visiting health workers distract the attention of mothers. Now and then, they cannot help but give a hand in pacifying the fretful children.

South Africa, December 2014  - Civic and business leaders along with civil society groups have joined efforts in starting a child feeding program to reach out to orphaned children in South Africa.  The program, which is an offshoot of another project, is gaining momentum and more support from various sectors.

Italy, November, 2014 -  The Devnet International Association notifies all its partners and members that as of November 11th, 2014 it has notified the Devnet Beijing Office and its Director Mr Liu Suichi that the representation of Devnet International in China by him and his office has been revoked and that as the date of issuance of this notification no personnel of this office shall engage in any activity or behavior, release any document, or engage in any cooperation with any third party in the name of Devnet.

The Philippines, November 2014 - A partner organization of Women into the New Network for Entrepreneurial Reinforcement (WINNER) in the Philippines has mobilized its members in various communities in several provinces to take up and sustain organic farming practices as a way to promote healthy lifestyle, care for mother nature and sustainable agriculture.

Nepal, October 2014 - Participation in trade fairs and product expositions has been a regular activity of women in micro/small enterprises in Nepal, thus keeping them abreast of developments in the global market. This is particularly important in getting the latest information on product supply, buyers’ preferences, trends in product demands as well as requirements of emerging markets.

The Philippines, September 2014 - From home work and child care to community responsibilities, women have expanded their reach in advocating equal opportunities for all in order to cope with the challenges of globalized markets and the speed of doing business through the Internet.

The Philippines, July 2014 - The participation of local government in the economic empowerment of women, particularly in developing their capacity to engage in livelihood activities, is an important factor in building sustainable and transformative communities.  

South Africa, June 2014 - The first of ten planned rural bakeries owned and managed by local black women has started operations in KwaMhlanga, north of Pretoria, South Africa. Aimed to provide fresh, quality bread at affordable prices to consumers, it also empowers women by training them to become successful business owners.

Philippines, June 2014 - A number of women in micro and small enterprises from selected developing countries across Asia have realized life-changing results from their involvement in the economic empowerment global project called WINNER.