A message for sustainability

Italy, September 2015 - KIP International School celebrated KIP Day at Expo Milano 2015: Ideas and practices for attractive regions for a sustainable world. At the official ceremony, held on the Media Centre stage, Lidia Peroni from DEVNET welcomed the partners’ delegations of the KIP Pavilion, who launched a message to the Universal Exposition visitors on the importance of local development. Among these, the message offered by the General Commissioner Bruno Antonio Pasquino underlined the need for “international cooperation to deeply renew, support, extend and systematically connect the positive experiences of regional development from north to south in the world.”

Comparing experiences, thirty Countries for regional development

During the ceremony the experiences of over 30 countries was presented, demonstrating how the consumption of food produced according to sustainable practices can be the engine of an effective and widespread development for a region. The participants in the ceremony placed the attention on the quality of the working environments and on the work of men and women engaged in sustainable development. After this, the delegations followed the parade led by the Street Band Contrabbanda, and marched along the Decumano reaching the UN Garden, where the representatives delivered their message to the United Nations.

The KIP Day ended at the KIP Pavilion with a tasting of wines from Cantine Tollo, and cheeses and fruit, all accompanied by the music fromContrabbanda and the DJ set of Radio R2L.