DEVNET Tokyo exhibits at the KIP International Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015

Italy, May 2015 - Within the context of the partnership agreement established between DEVNET International, and the KIP International School on February 11th, 2015 an  exhibition partnership was formally established between DEVNET Tokyo Foundation, the representative of DEVNET International in Japan at the KIP Pavilion in the EXPO Milan 2015 introducing from the perspective of Japanese culture visions about the theme of the EXPO about feeding the planet and using energy resources efficiently and with mindfulness.

The exhibits will encompass aesthetics, sustainable society principles, energy, and feeding the planet alternatives showcasing:

Japanese Culture

Food and Liquor

Tea ceremony with clay art

Flower and/or Bonsai plant arrangement

Print art and classic – Genji Story in Modern Ukiyoe

 Technology made in Japan for future society

Disease preventive food (medical theory and supplemental food)

Re-use of rice bran for high nutritious food

Air-conditioning system based on geothermal heat

Intercropping Project in Laos

Energy and Water Plant Construction in Asia - Streamlining Agricultural and Industrial Development 

The exhibits will incorporate a cooking show for degustation of Japanese gourmet food, and Japanese art classics

 Photos showing:

Dr. Luciano Carrino President of KIP International and Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa President of DEVNET Tokyo Foundation signing the partnership agreement for the Pavilion exhibits.


Members of the Board of DEVNET International and of the principals of KIP celebrate the signing of the DEVNET Tokyo –KIP Pavilion at EXPO 2015 agreements