2019 DEVNET INTERNATIONAL headquarters moved to Tokyo.

DEVNET INTERNATIONAL, an NGO accredited by the UN Economic and Social Council as General Consultative Status,has its headquarters transferred to Tokyo, and Fumiyasu Akegawa has been appointed new chair and CEO.
At the signing ceremony and inauguration ceremony held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on December 16, 2019, Dr. Roberto Savio, the founder, and Dr. Arsenio Rodriguez, the former chairman, gave speeches, and 530 people including embassies, politics,industry, and experts from each country. attended and celebrated the start of the new DEVNET.
Dr. Savio stated in his speech "The founding-philosophy is Trade for Peace".
DEVNET was born in 1985 during the East and West Cold Wars, as an organization that promotes international peace and economy, supporting many small businesses in developing countries.
One of the major projects is WINNER (Women into the New Network for Entrepreneurial Reinforcement), which has been developing and supporting women entrepreneurs, especially in developing countries such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.
The women’ s business is still very successful, and I would like to leave Mr. Akegawa as the leading link between the three sectors of government, individuals and citizens around the world”.
Dr. Rodriguez continued, “ In a world of sophistication, such as economic inequality caused by rapid globalization, it is becoming easier to disseminate information and interact with people.
From the perspective of what we will remain for future generations, given the growing influence of Asia, there is great hope for the relocation of DEVNET headquarters inTokyo.”
Finally, Mr. Akegawa, the new chair said, “We need to support small and medium-sized companies, not large ones”.
I want to create a flow of human resources so that technical intern trainees who come to Japan from abroad can start a business after returning to their home country”.
“Since the establishment of DEVNET, seven themes have been focused on increasing food production, improving the status of women,relieving poverty, protecting the environment, using advanced technologies, saving energy,and providing humanitarian assistance.
Going forward, we will expand our activities in 17 goals of SDGs. Investment in human resources in developing countries is the key to a common solution to Sustainable Development Goals.”